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be Worthy by So Worth Loving

Have you ever been the joke of small talk? In every classroom, every year of my life, I was that girl who was shorter than everyone else, by a lot. I was called every cruel thing related to my size and mocked for what I didn’t have. Shortie, runt, vertically challenged, do I need a booster seat, when do I visit the north pole- the list could continue. With all these voices telling me what I wasn’t and who I was supposed to be, I was constantly comparing my body to other girls, because in my mind I WAS a runt. For a moment, I placed my value on what boys thought when all the girls were maturing much faster and hitting puberty much sooner than me.

From being shown what real love was, I came to the realization that I will not get any taller and my size will not change. I needed to accept myself for who I am and not what others think I should be. Singing around the city, I started to be known as the little girl with the big voice. And it was surrounded by those positive voices that I got the confidence to begin pursuing my dreams as a recording artist so that I could give a little hope to people who struggled in some form, like me.

Then So Worth Loving was born. It started as stencils and spray paint, but now it’s so much more than that. I started a blog broadcasting that anybody is worthy of love and while doing that I was spray painting the phrase on my friends shirts, then their friends shirts then random strangers shirts that found me through the blog. People from all over the world would send me their own shirt to be branded with this phrase. I realized… I am not alone. I am someone that felt unworthy of love by others opinions and I didn’t want anybody else to feel this way. SWL is now committed to spreading this message and using fashion to do so. Through our clothing company, we have discovered a community of people who are busy redefining themselves because they were brave enough to believe in second chances. No matter what your size is, your relationship status, or your past mistakes…you are worthy of love.

My name is Eryn ”Eddy” Erickson. I am the founder of So Worth Loving… and I am worthy.

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