I’ve never felt like I’m good enough.
In fact, when I became a Christian, one of the first things that made sense to me was the concept that we all fall short.

In my mind, it’s worded a little differently…

You will never be good enough.

That’s not what it says, but that’s how I read it [between the lines].

I’ve never fully grasped the fact that Christ fills in the places where we fall short.
My mind knows it, my heart just needs to catch up.

I need to go beyond the knowing and reach the point of understanding.

Understanding that through Him, we ARE good enough.

I won’t use that as an excuse to live a mediocre life. I will continue to try to be the best version of myself.

But there are places where life has left me chipped and cracked, and I need to let mercy fill in those spaces.

In truth, I’m just a collection of broken pieces, held together by grace.

It’s time to finally be whole.


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