I’ve been smoking since I was 17, I am now 25. I picked it up as a horrible habit to make friends, and told myself that I was going to quit when I went to college. Then I got into college and the stress, the late nights, the constant need to stay awake kept me smoking. Again, told myself that I was going to quit smoking when I was done with college, and I didn’t. It wasn’t until I met my current girlfriend that I ever had the best incentive in the world to quit; to marry her. Now, regardless of whether I smoked or did not smoke, she loved and care about me. But, she told me on one of our first dates, ‘I will never marry a smoker’. So during the month of may I will start the rest of my life as a non-smoker. And so that I may be proud, of myself, and so that others may be the same for them selves.


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