be Yourself

I just recently started learning how to be “me”. I used to be so afaid to tell my story that I began to take away from it and I began to take away from myself. It’s so easy to fall into the captivity of society – and believe that you have to be “This Certain Person,” or look a certain way -When in reality you are beautiful the way you are. I was afraid to speak up, to have my own voice and to be different from the rest. The truth is.. We’re all worthy of love and respect – We’re all different and EVERYONE is beautiful <3. So regardless of what you look like – How you dress or what your interests are. Be you. Don't model yourself after someone else because it takes away from you. Of course no one is perfect and there is always room to grow and develop for every person – but you should always be grateful to be who you are. Comparison is the ultimate killer of joy – We all deal with it but it's important to know that there could never be a more beautfiful you – So enjoy it!


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