be strong and passionate

I have always and still am struggled on being strong with who i am. I have mainly based my life on perfection trying to please my parents and doing what they want whats best for and its been something that I really haven’t been able to control. But i know that perfection doesn’t exist because know ones perfect. I try so hard to please other people and do what they or what i think will be best but something always ends up going downhill and falling apart and ends up bringing me down because idk whats to come. All i know is i have this amazing passion that has and is making me stronger for who I am today. And that passion is soccer. It’s something that i am passionate for and something that i do for myself and not for someone else. Its making me this incredible person and athlete. But not everyone seems to respect that. But it’s gotten to the point where i really don’t care what other people think. All i know is i need to be strong and passionate for who i am and what i do and nothing will bring me down.

-May Dagher

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