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be original.

Growing up, I was always afraid to be different than my peers. I watched as the others, who were brave enough to be unique, got criticized by the more “popular” crowd. I told myself I would rather fit in with them and conform than be the brunt of their jokes.
And that’s exactly what I did!
From junior high all the way through high school, I bought clothes I did not like, listened to music I could not relate to, spent time with people I did not enjoy, and was generally unhappy, all to avoid being different than what was “popular” at the time.
It was when I first left the little old town that I grew up in and started to pave my own way that I embraced who I really was. It was then that I realized how much happier I was being myself than trying to be someone I wasn’t to impress whoever was around me.
All that to say, there will never be another you. You are unique. Never be ashamed of who you are, the music you enjoy listening to, the clothes you want to wear, or the people you enjoy spending time with. Love yourself and never be afraid to be different.
You will make far more of an impression on others being who you really are than someone you are not.
May you forever be original.

-Anna Rocket

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