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When asked the question “where are you from”, Emily Bagdasarian is quick to respond, “I’m from all over the place”. During her lifespan of nineteen years, she’s lived in nine different homes ranging across the globe from Germany to Georgia. “A self proclaimed Army Brat,” she calls herself. Currently, Emily is a freshman at James Madison University studying anthropology and journalism. She travels home for the holidays to Northern Virginia where her loving mother and younger sister reside. Physically, she likes challenging her body, pushing herself to the limits. And she likes being the only one in her hall who’s ever completed Olympic and sprint distance triathlons. In high school, Emily served as Editor-in-Chief of Oakton’s Literature and Arts Magazine and wrote for her community newspaper The Connection. In 2009, she was awarded the National Scholastic Press Association (NSPA) “Design of the Year” Award for best magazine layout in the US. In her spare time, Emily enjoys throwing tennis balls for her bulldog Peekaboo, ice-skating, and playing Rummy with her mommy and sister. Also, her favorite color is shiny.

I wish I could be half as kind, humble, and loving as my Oma.


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