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May you be joyful.

I want to be part of a joyful rebellion. Doesn’t that sound awesome? Typically rebellions are fueled by anger, but the most interesting social movements are fueled by a joyful vision of what could be.

A joy-filled dream gives you enough fuel to share with countless others on your journey. A joy-filled dream brings life to others when you share it. When you joyfully rebel against mediocrity, negativity and complacency you invite others into something really beautiful. The joyful rebellion is you living counter culturally not because you’re mad at how things are, but because you’re swelling with joy at the thought of how things could be.

May we all be a bunch of little joy rebels. Catch a glimpse of just how bright the future could be. Let it fill you with joy. Share it. It will be hard not to.

-Brad Montague

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