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be Free by Wellspring Living

When asked to fill in the blank of So Worth Loving’s “MAY YOU BE ______” campaign, we both knew in an instant that the word representing Wellspring Living would be Free. Our friends at So Worth Loving have come up with a campaign to encourage people to talk about something they have struggled with, and how they overcame it. I’m pretty sure every single person on the planet can think of a few struggles they’ve had to overcome to get to where they are today. In the past 11 years Wellspring Living has been in existence, we have had our arms full of mountains to conquer and struggles to overcome.

Wellspring Living has 3 restorative homes for survivors of sexual abuse and trafficking to live, get counseling, therapy, life-skills training, and an education.  The mantra at Wellspring Living is to promote freedom among all women and girls who have been trapped in the world of sex trafficking and sexual abuse. Freedom is something that most Westerners hold close to their hearts and have a firm grip on understanding. It’s something we were born into, and it becomes easy to naturally believe, think, and feel free. Almost a year ago when I stepped into the position of communications manager at Wellspring Living, I learned very quickly that there are young girls and women in this very Western and freedom-focused country that are, in fact, trapped. They are enslaved to the masters of greed and malice, being forced to sell their dignity and right to have a choice for a pretty penny.

In first hearing the statistics and the testimonies, the emotional gravity of the issue seemed to weigh my chest down with immense force. I researched, shared the story, meet with abolitionists in the community, and began to turn my heart from pain to passionate persistence to see these girls freed. However, everything changed when I started to meet the girls and women at Wellspring Living’s homes and see first hand the emotional and physical toll their former lives had taken on them. The grueling statistics turned from facts on a piece of paper to real-life women standing before my eyes seeking restoration. The overbearing pain slowly became a drive and passion to see these girls find freedom and re-position their lives in a journey towards hope.

In doing this, I have found myself being a voice for the voiceless; an advocate through media channels, social media, and fundraising events to bring awareness and money to the organization. I chose the word ‘Free’ because in essence that is what I am telling every girl and women who goes through our program, to be free, and what I am advocating for in my job. In every message, through every event, and in every opportunity I seek to position Wellspring Living as a catalyst to encourage freedom among all slaves of sex trafficking and abuse. This journey has not always been easy, and can sometimes feel like an endless battle. But every time I see the fruits of healthy living in one of our girls’ lives, I am encouraged to continue to pursue freedom on their behalf.

What makes Wellspring Living unique as an organization fighting sex trafficking is our ability and passion to engage surrounding communities in this overbearing and almost taboo issue. We see that we can’t fight this battle alone and need the support of others who care about these young girls. So I ask you, as a fellow community member, what is you part in this fight?

What creative outlet do you work or live in that has the potential to say to the heart of our girls, May You Be Free ?

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