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be comfortable.


1a: affording or enjoying contentment and security; b: free from vexation or doubt; c: peace of mind

Hah….RIGHT….this word + MY body…..Let’s laugh again…HAH!

I don’t think I can honesty say I have been ‘comfortable’ with my body a day in my adult life. (except for a brief spat a few years ago after my mom passed away and I decided food wasn’t important anymore…but that was a false comfort as I may have been ‘skinny’ but I wasn’t healthy). I was OK with my body before having my 5 year old, Riley, but ever since then I wouldn’t complain to living in sweats, especially when I see other moms shrink back down to pre-baby size in like 2 seconds. Jerks. Jk…good for you, I’m just jealous.

Blahblahblah…you’ve all heard the story…it’s nothing new. But it’s my struggle like a billion other ladies I know.

In this month of May, I vow to try my darnedest to be comfortable with the way I am. I’m not where I want to be, but with the support of the ones I love and a boyfriend that makes me feel gorgeous just the way I am, I WILL try.

Cheers to Comfort! (or at least trying ;) )

-Abbi C.

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